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Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is the Parent Company of both Money Shoppe Company (SM) and S&S Funding Company (TM) – We are the NU/NEW Alternative Financial Companies, that are 100% Black Owned and Operated, as well as 100% Gay Business Owned and Operated, yet, both companies, Money Shoppe Co (SM) and S&S Funding Company (TM) are also doing on a very limited basis some PERSONAL FUNDING up to $USD 300,000.00 or REAL ESTATE PROJECTS up to $USD 35.5 billion plus (NOT LIMITED), Money Shoppe Company (SM) is working with S&S Funding Company (TM) on the LOW INCOME – NON REPAYMENT AUTO FUNDING THIS PROGRAM IS NOW ON A CEO STOP/HOLD ORDER, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, coming this Sunday 3/20/2022 (dated change based on NU/NEW information) – BUT, FEAR NOT THIS PROGRAM IS 100% LEGITIMATE AND WILL START BUT AT A LATER DATE AND TIME AND/OR WHEN THE DEALERS/DEALERSHIPS START TREATING THEIR CUSTOMERS BETTER AND HAVE SOME REAL DISCOUNTS, ET AL…NOT, LETS SEE IF WE CAN GET RICH OFF THE VETS SENIORS, POORS, OR THOSE EITHER LGBTQ+ OR MINORITIES, NOT TODAY, but such service is only available by EMAIL ONLY WHEN SUCH IS AVAILABLE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, if YOU are interested in Auto Funding Go To this website will have some of the information for YOU the rest is by EMAIL ONLY (YOU CAN STILL LEAVE YOUR VALID EMAIL ADDRESS FOR UPDATES AND MORE CONCERNING THIS AND OTHER FACTORS IN THE FUNDING WORLD) @ and again YOU may also GO TO for the information if that is EASY for YOU and YOURS, but remember WE ARE “NOT” YOUR TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY, LIKE YOUR BANK(S), ET AL THE WEBSITE DOES ALL THE WORK FOR US WHICH IS OPEN 24/7/365 – CHECK IT OUT!. Now, We are the BEST O’ THE BEST When it comes to FACTORING, but, if YOU and YOUR BUSINESS(ES) is/are “NOT” in the look of Factoring, We @ Money Shoppe Co.(SM) working with its sister company, S&S Funding Company (TM) are also able to get you funding for lets say Venture Capital, LBO’s, MCA’s, MBO’s, Seed Financing, First Stage Financing, Second Stage Financing, Limited Partnership, Acquisition Financing, Equipment Leasing Financing, et al to the mere tune of up to $USD 19.5 Billion, sometimes more – no matter if YOU have bad credit or a most recent bankruptcy, that has been discharged, WE JUST MIGHT BE ABLE TO WORK WITH YOU…AND COLOR AND SEXUALITY IS A VERY SMALL FACTOR, BUT IT EXIST, BUT WE TRY TO WORK BEYOND IT – WHEN IT COMES TO YOU AND YOURS, PERIOD. We @ Money Shoppe Co. (SM) will be very honest with YOU, Honey, if We can’t get YOU the Funding YOU need and want “NO ONE CAN”…if they do – GREAT, but at what EXPENSE…and who pays for it, after the smoke clears!. As of 2/25/22, the Parent Company has decided that it will NO LONGER work with any Financial Institutions within/without Russia on any funding programs pending or “NOT”, if pending said agreements shall be cancelled immediately without delays and YOU shall be allowed to re-apply for NU/NEW Funding and it will be APPROVED, if any and all Documents are correct as required by state/federal laws, rules or regulations, and this Parent company, et al. WE ARE READY…TO GET YOU THE FUNDING/LOANS YOU REQUIRE AND/OR NEED – NOW! REMEMBER A CLOSED MOUTH NEVER GETS FEED, SO EMAIL US WHENEVER YOU NEED FINANCIAL HELP!

Services Offered

Since 1980, We have been offering FULL SERVICE B2B Financial Services to Minority and LGBTQ+ Business Owners throughout the Entire U.S.A. and the State of Colorado – Please Understand We are “NOT” a Bank or Credit Union of any kind. We also do Real Estate Projects up to the FULL amount of $USD 35.5 Billion, as well as Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy(ies) and those who have been in business for less than One (1) year…Since We are “NOT” YOUR Traditional Financial type company, We do PERSONAL FUNDING on any amount (please understand that entering into a PERSONAL LOAN of any kind, first make sure YOU can REPAY such, before YOU venture forth). We are very Legitimate, as well as very Professional…WE GET THE JOB DONE THE FIRST TIME AROUND…SO CONTACT US TODAY!!!!

At this TIME we are NO LONGER HIRING, but we still offer super great Funding/Loans as noted above and more, a lot more…the time is NOW TO ACT on the matter of FUNDING/LOANS, YOUR BAD OR POOR CREDIT IS NO FACTOR TO US MAYBE WE CAN ASSIST/HELP YOU, but YOU will NEVER know if YOU don’t EMAIL US @ the EMAIL ADDRESS below. TIK TOK Time is running out…and the Economy is “NOT” going to get better FASTER, let US SAVE YOU, PLEASE! Understand we are a 100% GMO = Gay Minority Owned Business that has been doing this for well over 39.5 Years…ANY AND ALL TRANSACTIONS IS/ARE DONE BY EMAIL AND/OR ONLINE ONLY, AS WELL AS DOCUMENT(S) CAN ALSO BE SENT BY BUSINESS FAX WHICH IS 100% SAFE & SECURED.

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Money Shoppe Company - Office of the CEO
WE ARE "NOT" A PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY...We @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) are so much better We will get the JOB done for YOU and will "NOT" hurt to reach out.   Larry   NOT A REVIEW...JUST A FACT!!!
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